I guess it all started in January, 2010. I made a seemingly reasonable New Year’s Resolution, to start – and finish – the Couch-to-5k training program. For those unfamiliar with this program (C25K), it’s a way for non-athletes to get from a inactive lifestyle to completing a 5k. The program requires three 20-30 minute training sessions per week. Easy enough, right?

Here’s the rub. This would be my 5th attempt to get through the C25K. That’s right. This former high-school varsity athlete couldn’t train herself to running a 5k. And I have plenty of reasonable excuses… 3 kids ( my eldest was not quite 6 in Jan, 2010), a busy full-time job as a pediatric urologist, etc. But this time I was determined.

I started off well. The first 2 weeks I was diligent with my 3 walk/runs per week. More walking than running at this stage, of course. And then the legit excuses started: a sick child, a particularly busy week at work, all perfectly good reasons to fail. And then I discovered the DIS.

The DIS is a discussion board for all thing Disney. It’s a Disney trip-planner’s heaven. Thousands of crazy Disney people, just like me. I started planning our August trip and browsed some trip-planning journals. During this time a powerful storm knocked out power lines throughout our community leaving us in the dark for 5 days. We packed up the kids and spent some time at my MIL’s house (an adorable 2 bedroom house which temporarily welcomed our family of 5 + 1 large black lab).

Two very good things came out of this time. One, my MIL had a treadmill in her basement for me to use. Two, my time spent browsing the DIS lead me to meet some other C25kers who were training for a race. And not just any race. These folks -who were beginners like me- were planning to run the Disney Half Marathon. A major epiphany occurred. If I shell out $150 (give or take), I will be signed up to run a race. In Disney. And if I want to be able to actually go to Disney for said race, I had better start training for real!

Surprisingly, it didn’t take much convincing to get my husband to agree to my plan. “A half-marathon? In Disney? In January? Sure, why not?”. I didn’t expect it to be so easy! Tom is not a runner and while he likes Disney, he certainly doesn’t share my level of fanaticism. So at this point I’m thinking that I just scored myself an extra Disney trip. Woohoo!
Oh crap! Did I just agree to run 13.1 miles? In less than a year? When I can’t even finish a 5k? And so begins my introduction to running…