So here I was. A non-runner who just signed up for a half-marathon at my favorite place in the world. How was I going to manage that? My MIL donated her treadmill to the cause so as soon as our power returned, we came home with a treadmill. I did most of my mid-week runs on a treadmill at the gym. And my weekend runs on the treadmill in the basement.
I didn’t really know enough to have a training philosophy (Galloway? Higdon? I didn’t know these names yet). I printed out a Disney half-marathon training plan from the DIS and more-or-less followed it,
My training was inconsistent at best. I found that I did better with run-walk intervals. Someone on the DIS was doing run 5 min – walk 2 min so I adopted that. Yes, that’s right. I was getting my training advice from random strangers who were beginners like me!

My midweek training suffered from a few job-related hazards. First, I leave for work by 6:30am at least 3 days per week. I am certainly not hardcore enough for a 4:30am run so that effectively eliminates morning runs. Second, there is an inherent unpredictability in my work day. It is not uncommon for me to anticipate leaving by 5pm only to still be at the hospital at 8pm. This makes it hard to adhere to my scheduled training days. And, of course, I’m the Master of Excuses!

My weekend long runs brought a whole new level of complexity. Nathaniel, my eldest, has Hebrew School from 9-11am every Saturday (side note: Tom and kids are Jewish. I am Protestant. We belong to a welcoming, small, Reform synagogue where classroom space is limited. K-2 attend Hebrew School on Saturday and then it switches to the more traditional Sunday Hebrew School in 3rd grade.). Tom and Nathaniel have a standing breakfast date at IHOP prior to Hebrew School and leave home at 8am. This leaves me home with the 2 younger kids. My long runs are done on a treadmill in the basement while watching endless episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Hannah Montana until one of two things occurs. Either Zachary’s diaper becomes so offensively stinky that I can no longer reasonably ignore it. Or 10am rolls around and I need to quickly shower and dress so Jessica can get to her 10:50am ballet class. I definitely lost a few miles here and there for one or both reasons.

I doubt most “real” runners would happily jump on the treadmill for ALL of the long training runs but I knew that this was my way to get to Disney. I even peaked with a ten mile treadmill run in December!