According to Mr. Jeff Galloway my marathon training journey should begin this week. I guess that means that this is REAL. I’m actually going to run 26.2 miles and receive a Mickey medal. Maybe I shouldn’t be so certain of that fact at this stage of my training (did I mention week #1???) but anyone who knows me will understand that I WILL finish. One of my many charming personality traits is stubbornness. Stubborn to a fault. So, unless I have a broken leg or major surgery between now and January, I think I’ll get my medal!
My first act in my new 28 week Marathon training quest was to print out the runDisney training plan and tape it to the wall. Each time I finish a training run, I cross it off the calendar. The ones I miss get a big red circle around it. I didn’t use this method for my first race but I probably should have. Remember, I need accountability! My other plan to force myself to run is that I’ve appointed myself as coach to my husband. Tom is training for his first race – the Disney 1/2 marathon – and I’ve made it my mission to see him finish. He intended to run last year but got injured. Now I’ve discovered Mr. Galloway’s run-walk-run method and I believe I can get him through the training this time. Tom started week 1 of training, too! As an aside I don’t think it’s fair to discuss Tom’s training here except as it relates to mine (hopefully as motivation and not fighting over treadmill time!).
Week 1 training is as follows: Tues 30 min, Thurs 30 min, and Sat 3 miles.
Tuesday I finished my OR a bit earlier than expected. I changed into running gear and headed over to the high school track around 5:30pm. It was still pretty hot but I did ok. I messed up when I tried to pause the chrono on my watch so I don’t know my time but I did 2.5 miles total. 0.25 mile walk followed by 2 miles of run-walk-run and finally 0.25 mile walk. I did a bit of stretching afterwards. It felt fine. Not terribly fast but I felt ok. I watched some high school kids participating in a strength and speed drill work-out and felt very, very old!
Thursday was a long-ish day in the office and I got home around 6-ish. By the time I changed into running clothes it was well after 6 so I decided to just run on the treadmill. Sort of a waste of a beautiful day but easier. I did some speed runs starting with the treadmill at 5.0 up to 5.5 at 2 minutes per run. Did I mention I’m slow??? I worked out for a total of 35 minutes and went 2.61 miles (including warm-up and cool-down walks). I actually felt pretty good although I was definitely pushing myself a bit.  It was a great work-out!  I was flipping channels while running and found The Lightening Thief on tv. I was having trouble understanding the dialogue, even after turning up the volume. Then I realized that I was watching the movie in Spanish. Ooops! I found Twilight to watch instead… The one downside to watching tv while running on the treadmill is that the volume doesn’t really go loud enough to hear when you’re running, especially at higher speeds.  It makes the walk breaks that much better!
Saturday will be 3 miles. I’m thinking about doing a Galloway Magic Mile this weekend (even though this is technically my first week of training, I was actually back up to 6 miles last weekend so I’m due for a Magic Mile). The Magic Mile – since not everyone walks around quoting Galloway like I do – is a timed mile where you run as fast as you can without straining. The idea is to run all-out but not to the point of overdoing. At the end you should feel like you couldn’t really go much further. He uses the Magic Mile to predict race pace (I think 1.3 times the MM is 1/2 marathon per mile pace and 1.4 times MM is marathon pace). Once you know your race pace, you add 2 minutes per mile and that’s your long run training pace. Training too fast can lead to injury and prolonged recovery time. My long runs are typically around 13:30-13:45 minutes per mile which is probably a little too fast for me but I seem to do ok with it. The MM also tells you what your run-walk ratio should be – run 1 min/walk 1 min, for example. It’s all based on pace.  Someone running 12 min/mile should have a run/walk ratio of run 2 minutes/walk 1 minute.  My training runs are between 13 and 14 min/mile so my ratio is run 1 min/walk 1 min or even run 30 sec/walk 30 sec.

I’d like to try to keep track of my training by updating here once or twice per week. Even weeks where I don’t do a good job of training.  I guess if I miss some runs I’ll have to explain to myself why I didn’t do it.  If my runs go well, I can brag.  If they go poorly, I can vent.  Regardless I’ll have to think about it!  I didn’t keep good records of my half marathon training so I can’t exactly remember where my training fell short.  I definitely missed several long runs – bad, bad, bad – and also some mid-week runs – less bad.  Hopefully I’ll stick with the program a bit better this time!