Saturday mornings are when I have my long runs scheduled. Since Tom started training, we both need to do a long run on Saturday morning. And today was the day for me to run a Magic Mile. This is best done on a track. So in my infinite wisdom I suggested that we pack up the 3 kids and head over to the local High School.
With much prodding from me the kids finally got dressed, including socks and sneakers (always a challenge in my house), and ate some frozen go-gurt. We grabbed a soccer ball and hopped in the car.
Tom went first while I entertained the kids. Nathaniel (age 7) is quite the little soccer player and wanted to practice against me – the entire length of the football field – right before my run. I somehow convinced him to do some passing drills instead. Zachary (age 3) at one point decided to throw a tantrum by laying down in the middle of the crowded track. Luckily Tom’s training only required 1 mile!!!
By the time it was my turn to run, the temperature was heading up to the high 70’s. And the kids had finished my water!!! I walked one lap and then did a gentle run/walk ratio of run 1 min/walk 1 min for another 1.5 laps for a total warm-up time of 10 minutes. And then it was time for my Magic MIle.
I’ll confess that I had never done a “real” Magic Mile before. I’ve tried a few on the treadmill but I find that it’s very artificial because you have to randomly choose the pace. The track is much more realistic. I set a goal of a 10 min/mile which meant 2.5 minutes per lap. I found that this is much faster than I usually run. I took a 15-30 sec walk break at the end of each lap to catch my breath. Surprisingly (for me anyway) I was fairly short of breath but my legs felt great!
I proud to say that I finished my Magic Mile in 9:40. I don’t think I’ve ever run a 10 minute mile in my entire life! I’m quite proud!!!
I walked several more laps and then did a slow run/walk of 30 sec/30 sec to finish my 3 mile “long run” in 39:16. It felt great!!!
On my previous blog post I wrote that Magic Mile x 1.4 equals marathon pace (which is on the runDisney training plans) but on Jeff Galloway’s website it says 1.3 x MM is marathon pace. Who knows? Using the calculator on the Galloway website, my current prediction is 12:30 min miles for the marathon with a finish time around 5 hours 30 minutes. I’m thrilled! Especially since this is only week one of training…
By the way all 3 kids finished at least one lap around the track. Nathaniel ran/walked several. They are all signed up for the kids races at Disney so it’s fun to have them “train” for the races. (I think Zachary’s race is 100m, Jessica’s is 200m, and Nathaniel’s is 400m but I’ll have to confirm that.) The 2 younger kids got bored and sat in an air conditioned car watching Mary Poppins while I finished up. Nathaniel practiced scoring goals with the soccer ball.
Ultimately the whole family started the holiday weekend off with a little bit of fitness. What could be better????