One advantage of my new-found dedication to actually following a training plan is that I’m trying to do a better job of realistically looking at my week and scheduling runs. This week got a little messed up because of the Monday holiday and a Thursday evening dinner commitment with the in-laws. I generally won’t run 2 days in a row (I find that I really need that rest day). Since I missed Monday, I *had* to run Tues/Thurs. Thurs evening was out which forced me to wake up early Thursday morning. Luckily it wasn’t an early day at work so a 6am alarm was sufficient.
I was able to take advantage of having my husband still home and ran outside. There’s a nice little 2.9 miles loop from my house. It was a nice morning and I saw many fellow crazies. It was a sunny morning and really enjoyed this run. I finished 2.9 mikes in 38:15 – including warm-up and cool down. It really helped me feel good all day. I wish it were easier to run in the morning more…
Today (Saturday) was long run day. Zachary woke up at 5:45am. Ugh. By the time I was up and ready to run I felt tired, sore, and had a headache. I have not done a great job of drinking water this week and I was definitely feeling that. I sent Tom to the track for his run and hit the treadmill. This was not the best run ever. I finished 4 miles in 55:07 and did an additional 0.62 miles of walking as warm-up and cool down. My biggest concern is that I’m developing a significant pain in the rear end. The pain is only on the left side and I’ve had it before. I think this is called pyriformis syndrome but I need to research it more. Great. Week 2 of training and I’m already injured. Ugh.
In the plus column both Tom and I are 6 for 6 with our runs! I think I’ll skip speed work next week and slow down a bit. Hopefully that will help this pain go away.