I started off the week feeling a little worried about my nagging, um, butt pain but pleased that my training was overall going well. Monday was a crazy day at work but I knew I could make it to running clinic at 6pm. I tried my very best to drink a lot of water during the day and finished closed to 48 oz. I changed into the lightest weight shorts and sleeveless running shirt I could find in my drawer and then headed over to the running store. When I parked my car in the parking lot at 5:55pm, the car thermometer was still reading 89 degrees.
I was greeted at the store by a rep from K-Swiss who was there to let us test run her sneakers. I tried on a pair of the K-Swiss Kona shoes and didn’t hate them. As a side note – on my last trip to buy running sneakers I hated most pairs immediately and settled on some Brooks. The running clinic had sent out an email a few days earlier reminding us to take it slowly and drink plenty of water on these hot days.
I was a little disappointed that my group (called the 1-2 mile group but really closer to 2.5 mile group) chose a route that is very uphill on the way out. Some people like the downhill home but I’m not a fan of this route. Especially with weather close to 90 degrees. I contemplated joining the run/walk group instead but they had already left.
Everyone who wasn’t in the run/walk group set out together. Straight uphill with no water until we returned to the store. I was NOT a happy camper. I will admit that my attitude probably hurt me during this run. One problem with starting the run with the longer runners is that they tend to run much, much faster than I can. This was not one of my better runs. At all.
I made it to the turn-around spot ok but I was definitely feeling the heat and the lack of water. As we started the run back to the store, our fearless group leader announced that we were picking up the pace on the downhill. As someone who was struggling to keep up at all, this was not happy news. I even took a few 1 minute walk breaks because I felt very overheated and dehydrated. I got pretty far behind the group before our leader turned around to keep me company. I really felt very discouraged.
We returned to the store and received a free tech shirt from K-Swiss. It’s black so not really wearable right now but otherwise cute. I returned the test shoes but I honestly liked them. I’m not ready for new sneakers yet but I might buy these next. They are very light-weight and breathable and felt comfortable. I finished my bottle of water and left for my next event. (There was a meet-n-greet for incoming kindergarten parents at a local bar so I needed to get home and showered quickly so I could get to the event. The event was very nice for those who are interested!)
I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about Monday’s run. I really, really wish we had a true Galloway training group in my area where I could do run/walk/run on my mid-week runs at an appropriate pace. I know this run would have gone better with the correct run/walk ratio for me. Given that this women’s running group is pretty much my only option for group running, I’m not sure what to do. I suspect many of the women in my current 1-2 mile group will choose the next distance up soon. Then I should be able to maintain my preferred pace and distance. Or I could join the run/walk group but they go at a pace below where I usually train. Or maybe join the run/walk group on super hot days where I struggle more? I hate to give up the companionship of the group run but I don’t want to get injured because I’m pushing myself beyond my abilities. I also feel a little frustrated that I’m not able to keep up on a 2.5 mile run when I’ve been doing well with my training runs.
The good news is that my butt didn’t hurt at all!