It only took me until week 3 to miss a run. I’m not happy with myself nor am I proud. And, for the record, Tom missed one run this week too,
Let me share my excuses. Maybe they’ll even sound convincing!!!

Monday – Not so great 2.41 mile run in 90 degree heat.
Tuesday – Recovery day. Left house at 6:30am. Did 6 operations. Drove to another hospital to interview potential Physician Assistant. Met with senior partner and Office Administratior. Got home at 7pm
Wednesday – Zachary woke up at 5:20am. Tried to leave for work by 6:30am. Thwarted by a very poopy diaper. Really left at 6:45am. Did one small and one big operation. Found out our house closing was a GO. Raced home to get husband, go to bank for cashier’s check. Drove 45 minutes north to bank layer’s office. Spent over 2 hours buying a house. Felt like insides had been ripped out. Stopped for burger and drink on my way home. Collapsed in despair. And elation.
Thursday – Left home at 7:45am. still wiped out from closing. Saw 53 patients in the office. Went to hospital and saw post-operative patients. Had impromptu meeting with nice pediatric nephrologist. Arrived home at 7pm. Played with children while eating dinner. Desperately needed drink to help me forgot that my life savings went towards house.
Friday – Hasn’t happened yet. 5:30 wake-up (unless Zachary has other plans for me). Leave house at 6:30am. Operate and see patients. Work dinner in NYC at 6:30pm. Collapse.

I planned my run for this evening but got caught late at work. I could have woken up early this morning but I was super exhausted. I could try to wake-up at 4:30 tomorrow morning but I know that it won’t happen. So I missed a run.
Is that a big deal???