There was some response on Facebook with regards to the missed run this week. While I certainly appreciate all of the reassurances that I’m doing the best that I can reasonably expect to do (which certainly means I’ll miss a run or 2 on occasion), my deep-seated fear is that the missed runs are a sign that I really don’t have the time in my crazy schedule to see this training plan through. I’m a pretty determined person so part of me believes that I will cross the finish line in January, even if I have to walk (or crawl) the whole darn thing. But part of believes that trying to fit 20 mile training runs into an already full schedule is a sure sign of insanity. And that it’s not really feasible for me.
I guess when I think back over this past week, I see where I *could* have squeezed a run in. But I honestly am not sure it would have been worth the price. I’ve been so exhausted that I hardly think a 4:30am wake-up is a great idea. And I’m not excited to start a training run at 9pm, after the kids are asleep. What if I have several weeks like this during the critical portion of my training and that starts to prevent me from completing the longer runs? Then what? I think I can get myself up pretty early every other Saturday to run some longer runs but what about Tom’s long runs? What about the kids’ weekend activities, come fall? How am I going to find enough hours in the day for everything? It’s not that I think that missing one 30 minute mid-week run – the week I bought a house! – is going to ruin my training. I really think I could finish a half marathon next weekend if I had to. It wouldn’t be pretty and my time would probably be in the 3 hour range but I could probably do it. 26.2 miles? Not so much. I know that my 20 mile training run will take close to 5 hours. Where do I have 5 consecutive hours in my schedule for that? So my little freak-out over ALREADY missing a run is a fear that I can’t find the time to do this properly.
Let me step back from confessing my fears and talk about my “long” run for week 3. I was very pleased to see that Mr. Galloway only had me doing a 3 mile run this weekend. After a super stressful week – between work and closing on the house, I was pretty fried – I needed an easy weekend. The weather was perfect this morning and I was out the door around 7am. I really felt great! I ran the nice 2.9 mile loop near my house (yes, I know, not quite 3 miles but close enough). I ran faster than I realized and finished in 37 minutes. I did 1 min run/1 min walk. It just felt good. I know I’m supposed to do the long runs about 2 min/mile slower than my predicted but I think for these shorter runs I’m allowed to speed up. My average speed was about 12:45 min/mile. No pain at all.
Post-run we took the kids to the Bronx Zoo so I got plenty of extra walking in today, too!