My run today started with an email this morning from Westchester Road Runner. Today was another 90+ degree day with predictions of afternoon thunderstorms. Running clinic would occur in rain but not in thunder or lightening. Given last week’s less than stellar perfeormance, I didn’t know if I should hope for thunderstorms or not! The weather reports were clear that the projected storms would do nothing to improve this sticky weather so the only benefit was no clinic tonight.
Driving home from work tonight it started to rain. Hard. But no thunder yet. At 5:30 I called the store to see if the run was on. They hadn’t heard thunder…yet…but couldn’t guarantee a run. I started changing into running clothes and heard one Clap of thunder. I picked a date with the treadmill over clinic.
Because my Monday runs are without walk breaks (although we usually stop and stretch at the half-way point), I decided to practice longer continuous runs. To mimic the running clinic I was missing.
Let me be clear that my treadmill, though in the basement which is slightly cooler than the upstairs, is in a room without a/c. Did I mention hot and extra humid?
I ran the 1st mile without a walk break but needed a few on the next mile +. I did 2.29 miles total. I was running slower to make up for fewer walk breaks. I think I’ll work on running continuously for a 5k during my mid-week runs. I am a huge fan of run/walk but want to survive Monday clinic. Speed work may be a better use of my mid-week runs but my ego needs to be able to keep up on Mondays.
I felt ok during the run but I don’t like the extreme heat and humidity. There’s a good reason I didn’t sign up for any summer races!