This week can be summed up in one word: HOT. Record temperatures plagued our area and made everyone miserable. Merely existing was uncomfortable much less exerting oneself. What’s a marathon trainee to do? I’m proud to say that I didn’t stop training just because it was hot. I chose to run indoors but I finished my runs.
Thursday was a long day in the office. Driving home my car was still saying that the temperature was over 90 degrees. And this was at 6:30pm. Despite the lack of air conditioning in my basement, it was still easier to run downstairs than to head to the gym. I grabbed lots of water and gatorade and braced myself for discomfort.
While normally I’d like to use the mid-week runs to either work on speed or work on longer run intervals, I thought that this run should be about survival. I slowed down my speed and increased my walk intervals. Using some re-runs of Charmed to entertain me, I managed about 2.5 miles. Nothing fast or pretty but I got it done.
Saturday’s long run came with a heat advisory. Friday’s temperatures topped 100 degrees and Saturday looked no better. Tom insisted that I use common sense and run indoors. I started early enough to run downstairs. I did bring an extra fan into the basement to keep it cooler. I probably drank too much during my run (I alternated gatorade and water) but I ran my 5.5 miles. I kept my intervals at run 30 seconds/walk 30 seconds. Not a speedy run (1 hour 19 min 38 sec) but, again, I did it. I found Newsies (a Disney musical that I’d heard about and never seen) on tv. The run itself felt pretty good, despite sweating like a pig. The mileage wasn’t hard at all – which is a good thing.
The temperatures for next week are supposed to be a little bit cooler so that should be easier. Bottom line: I’m proud that I’m getting it done!