Monday is a pretty consistent training day for me because I have my running clinic in White Plains. I honestly look forward to the camaraderie of the group and catching up with everyone. This week, however, had an inauspicious beginning.
Having 3 children in 4 years with lots of associated infertility treatments and subsequent c-sections led me to neglect my non-reproductive health. Most neglected of all was dental care. This year I’ve been slowly but surely having long-overdue work performed. This morning started off with another trip to the dentist to have a silver filling replaced. Unpleasant in the best of circumstances but made worse by the fact that the decay under the filling went down to the root. Meaning that I will need a root canal. The dentist instilled the tooth with antibiotic and placed a temporary filling. The medicine in the tooth has been “leeching” out all day. It has a horrible taste and I spent most of the day feeling nauseated. I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d make it to running clinic!
The weather today was rainy and cool. After a week of record highs, I couldn’t resist running in the pleasant temperatures. That alone got me to clinic!!! There was a modest turn-out tonight. They had some guys from New Balance demo-ing some shoes. Best of all we could run in the demo shoes and keep our shoes dry! The pair I wore were quite comfortable but, apparently, cost $140 which is more than I can imagine spending on a pair of running shoes. We did get nutrition bars, gatorade/vitamin water, and a cute gym bag in exchange for trying out a nice pair of shoes.
The run itself was fine. I’m still the slowest one in my group but I managed to run the entire 2.42 miles. We had a pretty fast pace (about 28 minutes +/- a minute). I hate that I’m so much slower than everyone else! I know if I did run/walk I would probably go faster but this isn’t a run/walk group. The rain was refreshing and I think the high 60’s is a great temperature for a run!
I think I did convince a few of my fellow runners to sign up for the Westchester Medical Center 1/2 Marathon in October so that should be fun. And I really enjoyed the post-run hanging out. I want to continue with the group but I don’t know how to do a better job of keeping up! Any advice?