This was another stressful week at work. My senior partner was away which left me in charge of, well, everything. It also meant that I had 3 OR days and one very full day of patients in the office. Luckily it went ok but it’s just stressful and draining.
I thought I’d better try to get my 2nd run done Wednesday just in case the week fell apart. After 2 OR days in a row (and Wednesday was full of unpleasant surprises), I was pretty done. I got home around 6-ish and decided to just run on the treadmill. I think this was the wrong decision. My logic was that I hadn’t consumed a lot of water and I didn’t want to carry water with me. Plus, being “on-call” meant carrying 2 phones and a beeper. I figured the treadmill would simplify things.
The basement was warmer than I expected and I just didn’t have it, whatever it is. My run was slow and just blah. I just felt discouraged at the end.
Today’s long run was a 3 miler. I was glad this was a shorter week as my week has taken a toll. We had a family diner breakfast early which wasn’t a brilliant plan. I was behind on my fluid intake from Friday (sense a theme) and tried to catch up some. Tom had to run to the hospital so I had 3 kids. Another fabulous treadmill run. Lucky me!
My run felt fine. I did a run 2/walk 1 ratio. Not terribly fast but did 3.33 in 45 min, including some warm-up and cool down. It felt pretty good, just slow. And I’d like to try to increase my run/wLk ratio on these shorter runs.
I’m feeling slow these days. And very dependent on my walk breaks. I don’t know if it’s the heat (today was in the 90’s again) or what. My training plan only calls for 3 runs per week. Would I be better off adding another run or two? I also feel like my mileage for the month seems lower than other runners I know. Not that I should compare but am I taking this too easy? Or should I just keep reminding myself that FINISHING a marathon is my goal and leave all the speed stuff and run/walk ratios behind?