Although not directly related to my training, I thought I’d share my strange marathon dream from last night. And, no, there’s nothing X-rated (or even R-rated) in my dream!
I’m running the Disney marathon only the first few miles take place indoors. In fact we’re running in a crowded store. And the path of the race isn’t well marked so I keep getting confused and running extra. Then I realize that I’m not wearing my running shoes. I’m running in my socks.
Next thing I know we’re running outdoors again but the trail is still not well-marked and I go the wrong way. I’m running with the last group of runners because I’m so slow. We still have quite a distance to go when I realize that I forgot to go to the Expo and get my racing bib and D-tag (for the non-runners: you pin a number to your running shirt to identify who you are and attach a “chip” to your shoe which is how the race officials know when you cross the start line and finish line – that’s how they time you). I’ve also forgotten to wear my sports watch so I don’t know what my run/walk intervals are. Even if I finish the race it won’t be official because I didn’t get my registration materials. The whole thing is a disaster!
Any resemblance to my blog post from last night before I went to bed???