My week started off with a bang. Sunday night into Monday morning was spent as a near all-nighter due a surgical emergency. I returned home from the hospital around 4:30am and then was up and ready to head back to work by 7:30am. Not an auspicious start to my run week.
Various work and family commitments prevented any napping on Monday and running clinic was started to look unlikely. Divine intervention prevented any guilt when the skies opened up and lightening, thunder, rain, and hail showered us. I was too tired to even contemplate a treadmill run and was happily in bed around 8pm (but not before 2 of my 3 children asked if I’d stay up to put them to bed).
Tuesday was luckily a decent day and I got home in time for a run. I recently treated myself to a fancy (read: costly), high tech shirt which promised to keep me cool. I also bought some compression shorts to prevent any dreaded chafing (TMI?). I’ll have to discuss my love of shopping for running clothes in another entry! In the 85+ degree heat I was excited to test drive my new gear. I realized that my basement treadmill isn’t much cooler than outside so I might as well enjoy the weather! I grabbed a small water bottle, my various phones, stop watch, and iPod. And off I went.
I used a run 1 walk 1 interval and felt pretty good. It was definitely hot and sweaty. I have come to understand that I let myself drink too much water on my runs so I tried to conserve the water to make it last. I listened to the Galloway Extra Mile Podcast for inspiration. I finished 2.9 miles in just under 38 min. It felt good, if slow.
Today’s run was in jeopardy because I had a 2pm root canal scheduled. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after some lovely dental work so I had mentally allowed myself a bye, if necessary. Luckily I felt up to running since it was a gorgeous 80 degree day. I waited until the novocaine wore off so I could drink some water without drooling…
A wise man once said, “In order to run faster, you have to run faster.” I’ve been a little frustrated with my slow running and would like to get my speed a little faster. Every time I try to pick up my pace or do speed drills, I get injured. Nothing major but still frustrating.
I decided to do 30 second sprints with a 1 min walk break. Even with 2 phone calls requiring longer walk breaks, I still finished slightly ahead of my Tuesday time. I’m still slow but maybe this is a speed drill I can do?
I know speed is really an ego thing. I’m not aspiring to qualify for Boston anytime soon. If I can finish a marathon at all I’ll be proud. But I would like to know how people who started running when I did are so much faster than I am. I feel like my body doesn’t do well with running 2 days in a row. Should I try to increase the distance of my mid-week runs? Do more speed work? Or just focus on finishing?