One thing that week 7 has brought is nicer weather. We had some afternoon thunderstorms on Monday but they cleared up before running clinic. The rest of the week has been gorgeous. Or so I’ve heard.
Work has, once again, gotten crazy. I had a lull last week and vacation coming up so I really shouldn’t be surprised. But somehow I never see it coming! Monday was one of those 7-5 days. Only I was waylaid in the parking garage and couldn’t escape. I was literally racing home to change for running clinic. And I made it.
The weather on Monday following the storms was a bit cooler but super humid. I didn’t get my usual pre-clinic snack bar and I definitely paid for it later. In my little 2-3 mile group there was only one other woman with me. She’s really about my pace and we enjoy running together. We took a faster pace than usual and finished the 2.5+ miles at about 11:30 per mile pace. My knee was a little tweaked from Saturday’s long run and I was way under fueled. I felt super dizzy after the run and sadly had no hidden stash of Clif bars in my purse. A mistake I will try not to repeat!
I did get a chance to talk to my running partner after the run. I told her about feeling slow and debating quitting the clinic. She was super nice. I appreciated her comments which were: #1 Nobody cares if you’re slow. #2 You’re here almost every week which shows that you’re dedicated. That impressive by itself. The other thing we noticed is that the women on the longer runs go SO fast that we’d really struggle to keep up! Anyway I felt much better and more committed after talking it over.
Wednesday was a 7-6 day at work. And not a particulrly good one at that. I was not feeling the run after a long and frustrating OR day so I gave myself permission to slack. I knew today was iffy, given that I had office hours but I also decided to be mellow if I missed a run.
Today was a long day. 50 patients in the office and then phone calls after. I got home to an empty house at 6pm. I knew Tom had done his run today and my competitive nature kicked in! I fed our dog Buffy, changed into running gear, and took off. I chose an easy run 1 walk 1 because my knee isn’t perfect and I’m exhausted. The weather was great and I enjoyed my run. It wasn’t terribly fast – about 13 min/mile – but I did it. And during a week when I could have easily excused myself.
Now I just have a 4 miler on Saturday…