Ah. The long run. The “key” to marathon training. At this point in my training my Saturdays alternate between long run and shorter long run. Thankfully this weekend was the latter.
As previously stated my week was super stressful. I’m exhausted and just, well, stressed. As much as I know I’ll feel better if I run, it’s so hard to motivate when feeling bleh.
Saturday morning I woke up tired and crabby and unmotivated. My husband moonlights as a mohel – someone who does ritual circumcisions for Jewish babies – and had 2 ceremonies scheduled. Leaving me home with 3 kids while on-call for my own practice. That’s enough to make me cranky. I also had to run 4 miles while feeling cruddy and supervising the 3 little monsters, I mean adorable children.
Zachary joined me in the basement for my treadmill run (it’s not possible to run outdoors while supervising my brood, at least not using currently available technology). This meant I had the good fortune of enjoying a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathon while trudging through the run I didn’t want to do (that was filled with sarcasm).
I did a very slow 5 minute warm-up walk and then started with a run 30 sec, walk 30 sec interval. Blah, blah, I know I should increase my run intervals on my shorter runs. But it was amazing that I was running at all! After the 1st slow mile I increased to run 45 sec, walk 45 sec. The 3rd mile was run 1 min, walk 1 min. And my final mile was run 1:15, walk 1 min. I finished with a 3 min run and a short cool-down walk. Overall stats were around 55 min for 4 miles, including the pre and post walks.
This wasn’t a pretty run. I hope I don’t feel the way I felt on Saturday come race day. But I did my run and finished it, despite the obstacles. And, as often is the case, the biggest obstacle was in my head.