I feel like I’ve been whining a lot. Not without reason but whining nonetheless. So I’m going to start by making a few positive comments.
1. My vacation is about 205 hours away (based on plane departure time). I won’t be on-call for an entire week.
2. Despite many obstacles I have only missed one run in (almost) 8 weeks of training. And I’m proud of that!
3. My job, even with my whining, provides a sense of personal achievement (in addition to providing income).
4. My running has inspired my husband and my kids to want to run.

Ok. Enough nice. Wow this week was tough!
Monday started with a 5am wake-up (thanks Zachary). Work was crazy busy – one of those days where nothing useful gets accomplished because you are just putting out fires. Then I had the “privilege” to return to the dentist. I’ll spare details but instead of a temporary crown, I ended with unexpected oral surgery. Ouch! I missed running clinic but chose a treadmill run at home. Luckily I failed to read the post-procedure instructions which said no exertion for 48 hours. Oops.
My run was mediocre at beat but I did 35 min on the treadmill.
Wednesday was a weird day. And a long day. And the only day this week I wasn’t on call. So I chose my husband’s homemade margarita over running. It was the right decision.
Today I *had* to run. I left the house before 7am, saw 49 patients, and stayed late to get caught up. Got home around 6:30pm. I did another treadmill run, this was not a good run. I’ve eaten to much crap this week and feel blah. Hopefully I’ll find my pep for Saturday’s long run…