For those following my journey, you may have noticed I’ve been a little discouraged recently. My runs have been chores instead of joys. I haven’t felt great and I’ve been super stressed out. I greatly appreciate all the comments and support being offered here and on Facebook. Today I can tell you that the messages definitely helped me get through my long run!
My challenge for today was a 9 mile run. My mid-week runs this week were pretty crappy and last weekend’s 4 miler was something I trudged through. I was a little worried about how my morning run would go. I woke up to a glorious day in NY. It started in the low 70’s and was sunny and nice. By the time I was up and dressed and ready to go, it was around 7:30am. I plotted out a run on one of the mapping programs and made the very smart decision to make the high school track/parking lot my home base, instead of my house.
My house is at the top of a steep hill. This is great when we get torrential rain storms (like we have for the past week) but less ideal when your long run involves multiple loops past your house to get new water bottles. I realized during my 7 mile run that I could leave water in my car and leave my car at the high school and save myself the steep hill.
I planned to do two 4.23 mile loops and then finish with 3 laps around the track. This would leave me about 0.04 miles short of my 9 miles but I don’t think that will really affect my overall marathon performance. The weather was nice and I felt pretty good this morning. I did a run 1, walk 1 ratio and had my little Galloway beeper with me. I really love that thing!
I finished the first loop around 53 minutes. I noticed the high school football team was practicing on the field in the middle of the track. I thought I’d better get my 3 laps in now before I looked really bad after my 2nd loop! I was also worried they might decide to use the track. The 3 track laps were fine. I made my brief stop at my car, grabbed a new water, re-fueled a bit, and headed for the 2nd loop. I kept my ratio for the whole 9 miles and finished in 2 hours 2 minutes and 17 sec. About 13:30 per mile. A reasonable training pace.
The run went pretty well and felt pretty good. I’m having some post-run re-fueling issues still. I find that I’m toast for the rest of the day after a long run. I made myself eat more today than I wanted (including 2 slices of pizza at the birthday party where I took Jessica) and that has helped. I’m also trying to drink plenty of water this afternoon.
Current concerns: I’m going on vacation soon. How do I maintain my running while on a family vacation with 3 little kids? Is walking all of Disney with small children and strollers good enough to maintain fitness? I can probably do my 4 mile run on Saturday morning before we head to the airport. The following weekend has an 11 mile run which will have to take place on Sunday. And I have my doubts about that actually happening (I’m being honest here!), although Labor Day weekend makes it a bit more likely. Mid-week runs in Disney are doubtful, unless we have a rainy afternoon and the kids are watching a movie in our hotel room. There is a fitness center at our hotel. How hard should I try to get those runs in? I’m thinking it’s not *that* important and I should just go with the flow.
My brother-in-law who is an experience marathoner (qualified for Boston) has given me some helpful fueling advice (chocolate milk, mixture of protein and carbs, etc.) but I’d love other ideas. I’ve also gained about 10 lbs since I started running (more than a year ago). People try to tell me it’s muscle but, trust me, not all of it is muscle. How do I maintain good fueling without getting fat?