In case anyone was wondering, yes, my time off from blogging pretty much reflects a gap in my training. Going back to week 9….
Monday I headed off to running clinic. (This was 8/22 for those keeping track of these things.) I really wasn’t feeling well. After all of my various dental procedures I found myself taking a lot of motrin-type medicines. And managed to give myself a pretty decent case of gastritis. As I headed to running clinic I had some pretty significant stomach pain and really wanted to take it easy.
It wasn’t a terrible night, weather-wise. And afternoon thunderstorm had cooled things off but left it quite humid. Not a bad night for a run. Upon arrival at the store, I learned that my usual group leader was injured and taking the night off from running. My low mileage group was going to have to join the bigger group and just turn around early. So far I was ok with the plan.
We got to the usual turn around point (1.25 miles more or less) and were pushed on by our fearless leader (who runs ultra-marathons). I was already in a lot of pain (stomach) and really wanted to turn around. We kept going to a trail and then the group continued down the trail. To say I was unhappy would be a large understatement. I continued on for a few more minutes and decided to walk. At first I thought I’d catch the group on their way back but then I realized that I’d never be able to keep up for the return trip so I turned around.
I did run onne minute/walk one minute back to the store. I still wasn’t feeling great but was able to manage that. I waited for e rest of my group to return (quite a while later – either my run/walk was pretty fast or they went quite far) and then headed home.
I felt very discouraged. And, not for the 1st time, questioned whether this group is useful for my training. I’m starting to think it may not be right for me. My usual group leader said he’d be back next time but I’m still pretty uncertain.
I had planned a Thursday run and then an early morning pre-flight run on Saturday. With Irene coming we realized that we needed to move our Saturday mid-day flight to Friday night. Instead of a Thursdy run I spent the time frantically packing since I was now leaving one day ahead of schedule. My Saturday run was also lost in travel.
So week 9 ended with one bad run….