In some ways it would be pretty easy to summarize week 10: I didn’t run. At all. Unless you count racing around the various Disney parks while pushing a stroller. Which deosnt truly count as training. However much I wish that touring Disney was perfect marathon training, I can honestly admit that it’s not.
I had the best of intentions. I packed running shoes, several pair of running socks, a cute running skirt with matching shirt, and 2 sports bras. I even wore my running skirt once. Ok. I wore my running skirt on e flight down to Florida because it was the first clean thing I grabbed after Zachary vomited all over my travel clothes. I suppose that doesn’t really count as training either?
Sunday and Monday were difficult because Zachary was sick and needed all mommy, all the time. I probably could have left him with Tom for 45 minutes but that didn’t seem fair. You can’t take a child who is puking and has a fever swimming with his brother and sister. And I had Zachary myself when Tom took the big kids to Animal Kingdom so they could ride Expedition Everst 3 times (incidentally, does riding roller coasters count toward training? No?).
Wednesday morning I could have gotten up early to run. But I didn’t. And the rest of that day was jam-packed with fun. (Jessica’s princess make-over at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique seemed like a marathon to me but watching her become Rapunzel while sitting on my rear end taking pictures can’t count toward my total mileage).
By the end of the week it was clear that running wasn’t in my trip plan. I did swim a little. But more of the leisure variety involving rapid descents down a waterside – but, hey, I walked the staircase to the top of the slide a few times!
I did walk a lot. And pushed strollers. And watched myndiet enough to lose a pound or 2.
I intended to do my Saturday 11 mile run on Sunday when we returned but pushed it off to Labor Day. So that counts toward week 11…