After my 2 week hiatus from running, I had the brilliant plan to start week 11 with a bang. I had missed my 11 mile run 2 days earlier so I figured I could just do it on Labor Day. Did I mention that I hadn’t run for 2 weeks and had sick children at home?
To my perfectly honest my run was awful. Hideously awful. I had nothing. I felt crappy. I was tired. Blech. I decided to go 10 miles an stop (oh yeah, this was a treadmill run). It was the slowest and worst 10 miles in my short training history. And I walked a lot! Really not a good time.
I felt annoyed at myself because I was feeling optimistic about my training and now I feltblike I had lost everything in 2 weeks.
Mid-week run didn’t happen. I was tired and had a bad cold so I gave myself permission to slack off. And this was the first week back to school for my kids so things at home were fairly busy!
Saturday was a 4 miler. While it certainly wasn’t anything to brag about, it was acceptable. I did a run 1 min/walk 1 min ratio. Not my fastest 4 miler but fine. Maybe my 2 week break wasn’t so bad after all!