The problem with having the kids back in school is that there are lots of activities going on. On Monday, September 12th was the Elementary School picnic. No running clinic for me. And mid-way through the picnic there were torrential thunderstorms complete with hail. I wasn’t sorry to miss running clinic in that weather!
I got a Tuesday treadmill run done. Nothing great. Nothing terrible.
I missed my 2nd mid-week run. Again. See a theme here????
Saturday I was slated for 13 miles. Really???? I decided to try a run 30 sec/walk 30 sec approach since I was feeling rather undertrained at this point. My goal was to finish, regardless of time. And I did. In less than 3 hours. And I felt pretty good. The run was another treadmill special with Disney Junior as entertainment (nothing like running for almost 3 hours while trying to amuse a 3 year old – try it sometime!). I took a quick bathroom break/water refill at the end of each hour. And I wasn’t destroyed afterwards.
At this point I know I can finish my October 9th half marathon. I don’t think I’ll PR (personal record) or anything. In fact, I’m suspecting it’ll be my slowest 1/2 marathon time yet. But we’ll see….