After running 13.1 miles last weekend I found some persistent soreness in my quads. I decided to take it easy this week to recover. On Saturday I decided to get back to it with a 4 mile run. I’m currently in Boston for the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference. I tried to get out of training this weekend by almost forgetting to pack my running shoes. Fortunately I realized my mistake before heading out the door.
Although my hotel offers running maps of the area, I decided it was easier to just go to the gym. I foolishly left my headphones in my room so I was without the benefit of tv or music. I quickly realized that my quads have not yet recovered. I did run/walk for the first mile and then finished at a fast walk (4.0 to 4.1 miles/hour). I was completely bored and debating giving up when I was rescued at 3.25 miles by a phone call from my children. Yay!
Hopefully next week I’ll get back up and running…