Week 17 started off poorly, as so many of my training weeks have been recently. I returned from Boston on Monday and missed running clinic. Tuesday I had to take my son to a doctor’s appointment after work and was racing home to make it on time. Wednesday was a long day in the OR and Thursday a long day in the office. Plus, I had delusions of doing my long run on Friday – my 40th birthday. Instead I slept later than intended and missed the early morning opportunity to run. I didn’t have patients scheduled and hadn’t decided if I’d go to the office or not when my children made the decision for me. While listening to the whining, “I’m not going to school if you’re not going to work!” I quickly dressed to office-appropriate clothes and headed out the door! I left work after lunch for a long-overdue manicure/pedicure before heading to my children’s instrument lessons.
My training schedule was a little messed up by my recent half marathon. Mr. Galloway had intended for me to run the Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Disney, which took place one week before my half marathon. Unfortunately the Jewish Holiday schedule, my job, and my family felt otherwise. While I would have LOVED to run W&D on the 40th anniversary of the opening of Magic Kingdom in Disney World, it wasn’t meant to be. I had tried to re-work the training schedule to reflect my half marathon a week later but apparently I had gotten confused. I had it in my head that this weekend was supposed to be a 17 mile training run. I was obsessing over how I was going to manage.
Saturday was going to be a crazy day no matter how you sliced it. Nathaniel, my eldest, went home with my parents on Friday night so I didn’t need to worry about him. Tom would drop Jessica off at Hebrew School at 9am but then Tom needed to make rounds at the hospital and then head to Long Island for a bris (my husband is a mohel – someone who does ritual circumcisions for Jewish baby boys). He wouldn’t have usually agreed to a bris on this day but this was another doctor with whom he works. The father of the baby is super nice and really, really wanted Tom to be the mohel. My fabulous nanny was babysitting for Zachary’s best friend and offered to pick up Zachary at 8:30am for a play date. Which meant I had to finish my “17 miles” in time to pick up Jessica at 11am from Hebrew School and run her over to ballet. After ballet I had to pack my bag (and probably Tom’s bag, too) so we could catch at 6:55pm plane from JFK to go to Florida. Things were not looking good for our hero!
I woke up later than I intended and started the day off crabby. I was pretty stressed about the fact that I was never going to manage 17 miles, pick up Jessica, get to ballet, buy Tom a carry-on bag with wheels, take Jessica out to lunch, and finish packing in time for my flight. I also had been feeling pretty sore since my half marathon and hadn’t really had a good run yet. I hopped on the treadmill around 7:30-ish and decided that I would finish 10 miles and be ok with it. My first stop was after 4 miles when my nanny arrived to get Zachary. Another 2.25 miles later and I had to stop to talk to Nathaniel on the phone. I finished the 10 miles in about 2:20. I walked several of the miles due to muscle soreness. More importantly I finished in time to shower, dress, and pack before picking up Jessica.
When I went to check off my run on my training calendar (posted on the wall by my computer), I realized that I had switched my weeks. This week was supposed to be a 6 mile run and next Saturday the 17 mile run. OOPS! All that stress for nothing! I would have easily finished 6 miles without a worry.
For the record – I bought a really nice bag for Tom while Jessica was at ballet (and she was a star – even earned an extra sticker for knowing ALL of the French ballet words that they’ve learned), Jessica and I had a wonderful girl lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, and Tom and I easily made our flight with time to spare. I ate lots of pasta at lunch so I didn’t have any post-training crabbiness which I get when I underfuel. And most importantly Tom and I had a fantastic, albeit short, trip to Florida! All in all a success.