Week 18 was supposed to be my 40th birthday cruise. Which likely would have seriously curtailed my training efforts. Due to several factors beyond our control, we had to cancel the cruise at the last minute. Nobody was more disappointed than I! We were able to salvage a 2 day/2 night trip to Florida starting Saturday night and returning late on Monday night. Our trip was filled with pixie-dust and every bit of magic possible. The only negative was that my back started to hurt on Saturday afternoon – probably from my unscheduled 10 mile run.
I decided to use my stay-cation time to get back into my running groove. On Tuesday afternoon I did a 2.9 mile walk/run at 12 min/mile pace. It was one of my faster training runs and felt great! Thursday’s run was on the treadmill in our basement. Our newly installed boiler seemed to be working overtime down there and I felt cruddy. I barely made it through 30 minutes. Meanwhile my back pain was getting worse.
I woke up Saturday morning with good intentions of getting a long run completed. Sadly, my body felt otherwise. My mid-back was in complete spasm to the point that I could barely move. My husband took tremendous sympathy on me when a sneeze brought me to tears. One advantage of being married to a hypochondriac doctor (forgive me Tom!) is that we had flexeril in the house (muscle relaxant specifically good for back spasms). The flexeril helped where even motrin didn’t but the weekend was still misery.
I’m starting to stress a little about being unable to run right now. I’m going to try walking instead of running until my back feels better. The bouncing step of running seems to cause pain while walking seems to help loosen things up. I still believe I’ll be well-enough to run/walk a marathon in January but I’m preparing myself mentally for the idea of walking the whole thing. I *know* I can walk at 15 min/mile pace or faster so I should be able to walk the race within the 16 min/mile pace requirement.
In the meantime send healing thoughts for my back!!!