My back has continued to plague me for 2 straight weeks. I’m pretty sure this is a muscle injury, and likely stress-related (it’s been a particularly bad autumn this year!) but it’s still made it difficult to run. Walking seems to be ok – maybe even beneficial in loosening things up. Wednesday was the first opportunity to try walking. Nathaniel, my eldest, takes an art class at the high school from 5:30-6:30pm. I figured I could walk around the high school track during his class. There was only one flaw to my plan – the track was closed due to a varsity girls’ soccer game. It’s had to begrudge them since I played varsity girls’ soccer but it was still annoying!
Since the track was closed and my time limited, I did laps around the parking lot. I’m sure there are some who thought I was completely nuts but I did the best I could. No jogging, no running, just fast walking. I had no way to measure my distance and I only loosely measured time – about 30 minute – but I did something. And it didn’t seem to hurt my back.
Thursday I had time for another walk. This time I mapped out a 4.11 mile route in our neighborhood. Amazingly I walked that distance in 58:45, about 14:23 min/mile. Slower than I can run but still well within the Disney time limit. I have a Plan B!
My weekend long “run” was completely derailed by emergency surgery on Saturday morning. Sadly I had the perfect opportunity to spend 4+ hours training since it was the one Saturday per month that Zachary goes to the preschool version of Hebrew School. Unfortunately the usual off-hours inefficiencies caused my 7am OR case to start at 9:15. Ugh.
I did find time today (Sunday) to walk. It was a bit crazy since, among other events, we adopted two 8 week old kittens today but I found time. I walked the first 4.11 miles in the perfect fall day. I improved my walking speed to 57:03. The rest of my run was on the treadmill. I totaled 14 miles – less than the 17 miles I was hoping to do but still very good considering how bad my back felt this morning. My time was 3:21:49 or 14:25 min/mile. Since Mr. Galloway wants me to do my long runs at 2 min/mile slower than race pace, this isn’t terrible. If I can do a marathon at 12:30 min/mile, I will be thrilled! But knowing I can probably walk the marathon and still be well within e time limit is encouraging. As long as I can walk with no or minimal pain, I will walk. When I’m truly pain-free, I’ll try running again. I need to find time for longer and longer runs – which is proving a challenge. I see where speed has its advantages – if I ran 10 min/mile, today’s run would have taken a reasonable amount of time!
I’m encouraged by the fact that I can walk pretty fast and I’m hopeful that walking these distances will help me maintain my fitness level for when I can run again.