My back is finally starting to feel better. Not 100% but still a lot better. Running clinic was a no-go on Monday because 1. I wasn’t sure if I could run and 2. I had to take one of my children to the doctor. Luckily I had 2 cancellations on my Tuesday OR schedule so I was home early enough to run. I decided to try to run a little and see how it felt. I opted for a run 20 sec/ walk 1 minute ratio. I was still sore (legs) from my 14 mile walk on Sunday so this was a s-l-o-w process. I went almost 2.5 miles but at a slow pace. The good news is that my back didn’t hurt!
My 2nd mid-week run never happened. Wednesday was insane. A fire at my hospital led to evacuations and a 2+ hour OR delay. I got home super late and exhausted (thankfully nobody was injured in the fire). Thursday I saw an insane number of patients in the office and then had to boogie to Long Island for a benefit dinner. This was for the women’s club that my mom is so actively involved in and it was worth a missed run to make her happy (and I know she’s reading this!). Friday was another long day in the OR and I returned home in time for Shabbat dinner and a well-deserved glass of wine (hooray for not being on call!).
Today I was given a rare opportunity to sleep in (which means I got up at 8:30am). I ment to run in the morning but got confused about activity schedules (my 5 year old told me that while I’m definitely stupid, I’m not bobble-head stupid). I finally started my 6 mile run around 4pm. I chose a conservative run 30 sec/walk 30 sec ratio. I did a 5 minute walk and started running at 4.5 on the treadmill. I did 6 cycles at 4.5 (walking at 4.0) and gradually dialed up to running at 5.0 and walking at 4.0. I felt a little muscle stuff in my back but I mostly felt ok. I finished 6 miles in 1:22:27. This was definitely a run where I could have gone faster and longer but don’t want to push my back at all. Still I feel a little more optimistic, although maybe I should wait to se how the back feels tomorrow before I say anything!