This week’s title is a quote from my 3 year old who was displeased with me recently. He’s not completely wrong, as will become more apparent. The good news is that my back is mostly better. While I wouldn’t call it 100%, I think I can safely say I’m about 95% there. The bad news is that family and work commitments continue to interfere with my training. I know that I’m undertrained and that it will affect my performance on Race Day. It’s not that I think that I can’t finish – I think I likely will finish – but I’m a bit saddened by “what could have been.” I know that I’m certainly partly to blame but I also know that most mortals wouldn’t be able to handle the stress that we’ve been through this fall, especially since part of my stress is working longer and harder.
I did an interval run on the treadmill on Monday. I ran one minute/walked one minute but gradually turned up the speed of the run. I wanted to test to see if increasing my speed would hurt my back. It did not and my run felt good. My 2nd mid-week run never happened. Wednesday I had to take my son to art class after a long and stressful day in the OR. By the time we go home I was ready to eat dinner and collapse. Thursday I had “stuff” to deal with after office hours and I got home late. Either day I really could have made the run a bigger priority but I just felt burnt out and tired.
Today was my long run. I was scheduled to go 17 miles. I laid out clothes, snacks, drinks before going to bed. I didn’t check my route until this morning. Zachary was up at 3:45am and demanding a diaper change. Then the alarm went off at 5am. Not pretty! I dragged my butt out of bed and got dressed. I realized that I needed a route. I had until about 8:15 to run outside before I had to be home to watch Zachary. I ran 2 loops of what I thought was 5.93 miles each, only to later learn that they were only 5.1 miles each. Oops!
I few comments on my outdoor run. First, it was cold this morning. I wore my cold weather long-sleeved tech shirt with running tights but left my fleece and gloves at home. I was cold even after 10 miles so I should have taken the warmer layers! Second, I need to eat more before long runs. I had some toast and brought Sports Beans and a cliff bar along but I was feeling under fueled. I never felt dehydrated so that wasn’t an issue.
I finished my run on the treadmill. I was definitely slowing down at the end but felt pretty good. I used a very conservative interval – run 30 seconds/walk 1 minute. I kept it until the end. My pace was around 13:23 – which isn’t too bad for all I’m undertrained. I was annoyed when I logged my run and realized I only went 15.34 instead of the full 17 but what can you do! I think my next long run will be 20 miles and I’ll just walk the 1st 3 miles – as per Mr. Galloway.
After my run I tried my first ice bath. I didn’t use ice but filled the tub with cold, cold water. I literally got in, sat down, and got right back out. I guess I need to practice that, too!!!
Overall I’m happy with today’s run because it helped build some confidence.