I started the week feeling a little site from last weekend’s long run. I knew this was going to be a busy week but I felt determined to get all 3 runs done. I figure at this point in time I need to give up excuses and just get things done.
Monday was going to be a little hectic. I had to be at work at 7am, my son had a doctor’s appointment at 5pm, and I had a work-related dinner at 6:30pm. I somehow managed to sneak a 2.4 mile run into the day by doing it before I picked my son up from the after school program. My legs, especially quads, were quite sore but I powered through a run 1 min/walk 1 min ratio. My speed was only so-so. I finished with about 12:45 min/mile. Speed wasn’t the point though. This run was all about getting it done even though my legs were tired.
Wednesday I had every intention of going for a post-work run but after a crappy and exhausting day at work, I had nothing left. Add to that the fact that I hadn’t actually seen my daughter since Sunday night, and I made the executive decision to enjoy a glass of wine along with some much-needed family time. (To explain how I could sleep in my own bed every night without seeing my child? I left home at 6:30am Monday morning while Jessica was sleeping. I dropped Nathaniel off before my dinner, without going inside. I got home late. Tues was another 6:30am day, following by a late night. And Wednesday was my 3rd 6:30am day in a row…).
Thanksgiving morning I decided I had to do my run. It was perfect running weather – sunny and cool – and I breezed through a 4.11 miler. Again I stuck with run 1/walk 1. I tried to pickup my pace a bit and finished in 50 minutes flat for an average of 12:10 min/mile. The run felt great with only minimal soreness.
Today was my long run. I had hoped to run early this morning so I could be finished before we had my sister-in-law over with her kids. My youngest spiked a fever yesterday and had a restless night so we weren’t up until after 7. Not enough time! So late this afternoon I finally got out. It was another beautiful day with highs in the mid 60’s. I left the house around 4pm for a 7 mile run. I used a run 1/walk 1 again. I think that will likely be my race ratio. I did a 4 mile loop with a refill stop and then a 3 mile loop. (I often leave water or Gatorade or extra clothes or extra snacks at the end of my driveway so I can refill my water bottle.). My run went great – 12:40 min/mile for a long run is great for me!!! What wasn’t so great is that I was totally unprepared for the complete darkness that descended upon me mid-run. At run start it was sunny and by the end it was pitch black! I did wear a fluorescent green tech shirt which is hopefully a bit visible but I need better nighttime running gear. Yikes! It was bad enough that my husband called to make sure I was almost home (I was less than a block away at that point). Lesson learned!