I’m a little late recording last week’s running events but I have a decent excuse! I swear!!! After my 20 mile run I was feeling a little sore. Better that I expected but not 100%. For many reasons it was a good week to take it easy and so I did.
I made it to running clinic on Monday and stuck with the run/walk group. After the marathon I’ll probably move myself to the next group but I don’t want to risk injury. We did another slow run/walk. The ratio was run 4 min/walk 2 min. It was enjoyable and didn’t strain my already sore muscles. I’m glad I went.
The rest of the week was busy. My senior partner was away at his time share which lays makes things busy for me. I also knew that my “long run” needed to be on Friday which limited my running days. I was too busy during the week to get another run done. Friday morning I had an emergency OR case but was able to leave early enough to get a 6 mile run finished at 12:30 pace. I then I had time or a mani/pedi before heading out to dinner for my 11th anniversary.
My weekend was spent in Orlando. I woke my eldest up at 4:50am on Saturday and told him to get dressed because we had a plane to catch. He looked at me like I had lost my mind until I explained that we had a surprise trip to Florida. We had an exhausting but fun trip to Universal Studios Orlando, complete with a private party at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m still recovering!