The week before Christmas I practices exactly what I should not have done. My calf was still bothering me from that Saturdays’s 15 miler. I should have been in full-blown “do not get injured” taper mode. I did rest for the early part of the week. My son’s 102 fever helped convince me to skip Monday night running group. Tuesday was busy but by Wednesday I was feeling pretty good. With night arriving before I get home and cooler temperatures I chose a “race pace” session on the treadmill. Or maybe faster than race pace. For 20 minutes I was cruising along at 12 min/mile or so and then the left calf started to hurt again. Whoops! I walked the last 15 minutes and finished with slightly faster than 13 min/mile.
My calf was bothering me for the next few days. On Saturday I decided to walk my scheduled 6 miles. Since Tom had an emergency at the hospital, I had to stick to the treadmill. Instead of being content with a nice slow, comfortable walk, I pushed it a bit. And jogged a minute out of every 5. And my calf really hurt for several days.
Not a good idea!