After the Epcot loop the next 5 miles basically take you from Epcot to the entrance of Magic Kingdom.  There’s a cloverleaf-type loop at the beginning of this stretch and the route takes you past the Contemporary Resort before entering the iconic Magic Kingdom park.  I did most of my training in 5 mile loops (so I could refill water bottles and use indoor plumbing) and I consistently found that I took the 2nd five miles too quickly.  I feel like I probably did the same during this race.  I took some pictures from the overpass early in this segment but they are too blurry to share! One thing that surprised me a bit is that I felt that the amount of entertainment was somewhat lacking on these stretches between parks.  I almost left my iPod behind and, even this early in the race, I was very glad to have it.  I made an upbeat, sing-along running mix and definitely felt that I needed it!

There was someone yelling down to us from the balloon.  It wasn’t anyone that I recognized but I’m known for being pop-culture stupid!

(Remember that I started about 25 minutes or so behind the posted time.)

These miles seemed to come quicker than the 1st five! I was definitely getting into my groove here. Around this time I texted Tom to bring me a bottle of water and a package of pop tarts for when I saw them.  I forgot that I was eating breakfast about 2-3 hours before starting the race and I was a little hungry.  Also, for some reason, I felt like I was getting enough fluid….

The entry gates to Magic Kingdom (where you pay for parking).  I’m pretty sure we ran through the toll gates on the half marathon last year.  Magic Kingdom has tremendous sentimental meaning for me and this sign just makes me smile!!!

Look at how crowded it is here.  Believe me, the crowds were small compared to the crowds for the half marathon!!!

Near the Contemporary.

You’d be surprised how much a sight like this can energize you when you’re running a long distance!!! This just made me laugh!

Close to Magic Kingdom.  You can see the monorail tracks ahead! Ten miles down.

runDisney – Disney World Full Marathon:
AMANDA NORTH at 10M in 2:09:42.
Pace: 12:58 min/Mile.
Estimated Finish Time: 5:39:58.
Estimated Time of Arrival: 11:40:33.

Close to 13 min/mile.  A good pace for me, given my training.  I slowed down a bit from the 1st five miles but definitely within the target range.  I felt good at this point, ready to take on the Magic Kingdom!