One amazing aspect of Disney’s Marathon Weekend events is that I seem to come home feeling incredibly inspired and motivated. Last year I immediately signed up for another race – the More Magazine Women’s Half in Central Park – which is where I earned my current 1/2 marathon PR (Personal Record). I have once again signed up for that race, which will take place on April 15th. Soon after returning to NY from the race weekend, I have kick-started my training again.
It’s amazing how much the adrenaline from one race can fuel the training for another. I’m hoping to beat my PR again this year, and so far my training is going quite well. This past Saturday I finished 10 miles at 13 min/mile pace. It felt great! It’s amazing how good 10 miles feels after you’ve finished 26.2. I’m also working on speeding up my short runs as well as increasing my run/walk intervals. On Saturday’s long run the 1st 5 miles were run 2/walk 1 and the 2nd half was run 1/walk 1. At running clinic on Monday we went 2.76 miles without any walk breaks. Interestingly that distance was 13:22 min/mile pace whereas my 10 mile run WITH walk breaks was 13 min/mile. Just sayin’!!!
Besides the April 15th half I plan a repeat appearance at the Westchester Medical Center Half on October 7th. It’s super close to home (Bronx River Parkway) and only costs $40. Why not? The other race I’m itching to do is runDisney’s new Tower of Terror 10 mile race in late September. It’s the weekend before my half so it would be more of a fun run than a race for me.m it’s a night race with a cool theme and an after-party. How could that be bad?!? And it’s the inaugural one so I can get in on the ground floor. I’m hoping for a solo or girls’ trip for this one but we’ll see. And I’m definitely planning – to borrow a phrase from a running friend – “REVENGE” on the Disney marathon course to celebrate the 20th running of the Mickey Marathon in January, 2013! Although my original goal was for Goofy in 2013 – both the half and the full in one weekend – I need to prove that I can finish the marathon on my terms before I start getting Goofy. You will notice that I’ve kept summer races off my schedule. I don’t do well in heat and humidity (just read my marathon race report). I may look for an early morning or evening race to keep me motivated to train all summer. It’s a long gap from April 15th until September 29.
Running is an amazing journey. 2 years ago I couldn’t run a mile and now I’ve finished a marathon. It truly has changed my life. So much of my life is spent giving to others as a physician, a wife, a mother. Running is one of those rare moments that I spend with myself. I never thought I’d voluntarily get up at 5:30am on a weekend to run some crazy double-digit mileage. But I love the peace and quiet and stillness of the pre-dawn. The sense of competing with nobody but myself. No whining. No talking. No noise. Watching the sun come up while I show myself that I’m made of something.
For those still interested I plan to continue writing about my training here. It keeps me honest! If I have to report missing my runs, this forces me to think if it’s really a valid excuse. I hope to continue to get advice and support from everyone. I love the wonderfully supportive running community that I’m just discovering.