The last several weeks have generally been good training. Decent pace, decent mileage. Last Saturday I managed a 12 mile run with a run 2/walk 1 ratio. I finished strong. Other than some nagging right knee pain, all has been really good. Behold the power of post-Disney race motivation. This week? Not so much…
My right knee continued to bother me for a good part of the week. Muscle pain is annoying and requires some rest. Maybe some ice and foam roller exercises. Joint pain scares the living daylights out of me. All of the negative voices that I hear about running center on my knees going out. In all my years of competitive sports (I was a competitive gymnast for at least 12 years and graduated high school with a total of 9 varsity letters), I never had a serious knee injury. I don’t honestly believe this to be serious. A little ice. A little rest. Maybe re-thinking the high-heeled boots I wear to work during office hours. But still scary!
Unfortunately my Monday rest day turned into a rest week. My youngest puked all over my car on Tuesday afternoon. Followed by us getting rear-ended. Talk about adding insult to injury (it was truly a minor fender-bender but enough to end my run). Wednesday I had a family commitment and then a 4am surgical emergency. I left the OR to enter an office with 53 patients. A long, exhausting day. And I don’t like to run Fridays if I want a long run on Saturday. (Besides I had a rare opportunity to get my hair cut on Friday afternoon – priorities!)
I had terrible abdominal pain all night Friday. Zachary had some gastroenteritis this weekend so I wonder if my bellyache wasn’t another manifestation of his illness. Since he sleeps on top of me for several hours a night. Usually starting at 2am. I felt bad on Saturday morning and it was super windy. I managed 4 miles on the treadmill. Mostly walking. I learned from previous injury that walking miles actually help maintain fitness when I can’t run.
I’m a little annoyed because I’m trying for 50 miles/month and I will almost definitely be short in February. I may be able to get 2 more runs done but I doubt they’ll be long enough to catch up. I know sometimes I’m a little harsh on myself for missing runs. But I read other people’s 40 miles per week and think that I’ll never improve without putting in more mileage.
In happier news… I officially registered for the Tower of Terror 10 mile race at Disney in late September. I’m still looking forward to my April 15th race where I’m hoping to beat my previous record. Next weekend I have 14 miles on my plate but it’ll have to be later on Saturday because my little Zachary is going to his 1st tae kwon do tournament where he will do the obstacle course! I’m so proud of him and oping to continue to set an example of fitness for my family.
And I wish I had been in Disney World today running the Princess Half Marathon, there’s always next year….