Sunday is my next half marathon. It sort of feels surreal. I was hoping for a time goal and now I’m just hoping to not post my slowest time. It seems like I was doing ok with my training. The weekend before this holiday weekend, I finished 13.1 miles in 3 hours. Sadly on a treadmill. But I’ve been congested since then and just not feeling 100%. And then there was vacation followed by holidays galore.
The day after my 13 mile run, my family left for a Florida beach vacation. The trip started off with a bang. Or a barf. As in my 8 year old vomited the whole way to Florida. As soon as he was better, my husband started. Leaving me with all 3 kids to supervise at the pool. And little ability to run. At least the weather was nice, right?
Tuesday morning I tried to get a run down. Not surprisingly it was HOT. I don’t do well in heat but this was ok. The bigger problem is that the walking paths at the resort were much shorter than I expected. I should have checked at the front desk for a jogging route before taking off but my Garmin has spoiled me. I did 2 miles before returning to rescue my husband from the children, I did some “cross training” – if chasing kids in the pool and sea kayaking count.
I was awoken at 5:45am on Wednesday by my husband. Thankfully this time there was no vomit involved. Instead he wanted to make the 2 hour drive to Disney World for the day. And I’m the crazy Disney person…. We had a great day with lots of walking and stroller pushing but no running.
Thursday was pack and travel day. Although we didn’t leave the resort until 2pm, I was finishing laundry and packing before we lost our room. I did swim a few “laps” in the pool but still no real running. We arrived home late Thursday night so I could race off to work (pun intended).
And then the holiday meal preparation began. Along with the congestion and slightly upset stomach (I’m morally opposed to vomiting so at least I didn’t do that). I made Passover Seder for 12 people on Friday, 10 people on Saturday, and Easter for 11 people on Sunday. Running??? No sir!
Today my nanny is vomiting so I raced home from work to retrieve my 3 kids. Another run-less day. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll finish the OR in time for some running. I’m hoping for a nice 5 miles or so and maybe another 3 miles on Thursday or Friday. I know I can finish 13.1 on Sunday and maybe I don’t care how fast.

PS I’m registered to run the Goofy in January, 2013. 13.1 miles on Saturday followed by 26.2 miles on Sunday. You can start praying for me now!