After several weeks of relative consistency and decent training, it all came to a screeching halt. I woke up on Friday morning May 11th with a wicked sore throat. I fortunately had a half day at work (my youngest had his annual physical exam in the afternoon). By mid-afternoon I was exhausted. Zachary was recovering from 3 vaccines so he and I rested during the afternoon. By Saturday I felt worse and knew that my long run wasn’t going to happen. I figured this was a viral illness that would pass quickly.
Every day I wanted to run but knew that I wasn’t getting better. By Wednesday this had clearly become a sinus infection. I started some antibiotics in preparation for a trip to Atlanta for work. Thursday morning I started to feel human again but still had congestion. And Thursday night I flew to Atlanta. While my trip was productive, it was also a whirlwind with not enough sleep. Early morning meetings followed by late-night events didn’t help my cause. Although I brought running clothes, I had neither time nor energy to run.
I returned home on Sunday night. Monday I forced myself to try to run. I managed a very slow walk/run on the treadmill with my children encouraging me. My usual rate-limiting issue is my leg muscles. On Monday I felt like I still couldn’t breathe. So frustrating!!! Even today at work I got comments about how I’m still sick.
I have a 10K on June 9th. I don’t really have a time goal but I was hoping for sub-12 min/miles. Now I’m hoping I’m well enough to finish strong. I feel so frustrated that my training, once again, has stalled. It seems that every time I get moving, I encounter some huge obstacle. I worry about the implications for training for the Goofy. Last year’s marathon training was less than ideal due to a combination of family responsibilities, minor injuries, and work issues. Now I’m going to try to run both the half AND full? What was I thinking?
I’m hoping to go for another slow run/walk tomorrow morning. And a longer run on Saturday. Maybe I’ll be ready to run the 10K!