I don’t know if it makes sense to start talking about my training for my 10 miler in late September or not. After all I’m running a 10k in just over a week. Yet another race where my training was going well until “something” happened. In this case that “something” was a sinus infection that eliminated 2 long runs and 2 short runs. I did manage a hot and humid 6.32 miles is past weekend – which, at least, exceeds race distance and gave me some practice with summer running. And my 3 mile treadmill run yesterday was close to tempo pace (the pace at which you hope to run the race). And it felt good. Not to mention that I’m registered to run a half marathon – 13.1 miles – the weekend after the Tower of Terror race. Should I be focusing on my training for the longer distance run? And finally, I’m going to be starting my official training for the Goofy – that insanity involving a half marathon on Saturday (13.1 mikes) and a full marathon on Sunday (26.2 miles) for a total of 39.3 miles in one weekend – sometime in the middle of my training for ToT (Disney geek short-hand for Tower of Terror).
On the other hand this is supposed to be the story about running to Disney and the ToT race is my next Disney race. And I feel like I need to really get some focus when it comes to my running. So I guess starting with week 1 of the official Jeff Galloway plan for the ToT race is as good a place to start as any. Right?
I’ve had to modify the Galloway plan to account for the fact that I’m not training for one 10 mile race but I’m training for a 10k (June 9th), a 10 miler (September 29th), 2 half marathons (October 7th and January 12th), and a full marathon (January 13th). I tried to take the various Galloway plans and merge them into one GRAND training plan. I needed lighter weekends for the week before races and adequate half marathon miles despite the slightly lower mileage for a 10 mile race. I needed post-race recovery weeks and back-to-back distances to prepare for the demands of going Goofy. Which is to say that I’ve made calendar pages with every long run between now and January 13th. Yes. I am insane.
It’s also a time to reflect a bit on my running life. My mileage so far this year is a bit lower than my target. I know that I’ll get some high mileage months as my marathon training kicks into full swing in the fall but I want an adequate base. Which I don’t really have yet. I need to navigate the challenges of running all summer (I don’t like running in hot and humid weather!). Not to mention the challenges of running with a crazy crew of munchkins at home and an unpredictable and busy career. I certainly haven’t figured it all out yet (although if anyone has some brilliant insights into how to manage it all, do share!).
For me it isn’t about my finish time so much as my potential. I don’t care if my times are slow as long as I feel I maximized my training potential. I want to actually run a high percentage of the training runs on my calendar. And that’s something I haven’t realized yet. (As a challenge I think I’ll review my running logs and see what percentage of training runs I’ve done for previous races and challenge myself to beat that percentage.)
Anyway I’m off to a good start….