Injuries. The plague of any athlete. When can you press on and when do you need to rest? What’s preventable and what’s inevitable? And just UGH!
I did my second 3 mile run on Thursday followed by a 5 mile treadmill run on Saturday. I guess I should be grateful that it was pouring Saturday morning because I would have been forced to run indoors either way as my husband was away this past weekend. Either later on Saturday or sometime Sunday my left leg started to hurt. It feels like a muscle strain in my left thigh. The pain is worse when climbing stairs and gone at rest. And I’m running a 10K on Saturday.
What to do?
I decided to rest on Monday in the hopes that it would feel better. It’s not excruciating but a bit nagging. I didn’t want to take the whole week off so I tried a very slow 2+ miles today. The pain wasn’t worse while running so I figure I’m not hurting myself more with low run/walk.
I’ll try an easy run Thursday as long as I’m not worse.
I’m annoyed that I have another – albeit minor – injury. Galloway says that his method should prevent injuries. And yet I’ve has a few. Nothing major – thank goodness. But enough to require a few weeks off of running here and there. And it seems to happen right when I finally get in a groove. My 5 miler was slower but my two 3 mile runs were at a decent pace. Which may have been a mistake when I’m coming back from being sick. I must have pushed too fast too soon. But how do you know?
My number one training goal is to be able to finish my races feeling strong and with a smile on my face. But I wouldn’t complain if I got my pace down a bit. Where’s the balance point between speed and health? When I start my actual Goofy training should I just slow my training pace down enough to minimize injury? Or will that take some variety and fun out of it?