My next race, the inaugural Tower of Terror race, is less than 2 months away. And the Goofy is about 4 1/2 months from now. So it’s a good time for a training update and a race plan update for both events. Although not a Disney event, I’m also running a local half marathon the weekend after Tower of Terror.
The good news:
I have not missed a training run since I started my ecoaching program. That alone is a huge success! Tomorrow will be a little tricky since i have early morning OR and a work dinner that I can’t miss. But I can always find time on Wednesday and move my Thursday run to Friday. This past weekend was a cutback week. Only 3 miles scheduled. I did 3.77 miles in 47 min, including a personal best 9:22 minute Magic Mile. Using a “perfect race conditions” estimate by Mr. Galloway, that predicts a half marathon finish of 2:27:15 and a full marathon of 5:19:02! Obviously none of my upcoming races will be under ideal conditions (my next half marathon is one weekend after my 10 miler and my next full marathon is one day after a half marathon). I do think I can hope for a PR (personal record) for my marathon, even if it is a part of the Goofy.
I’m feeling really excited about my training. I love having a plan for each run. I’m not just running for the sake of running. I have drills to do and things to work on. I really needed that! I find it focusing me and gives me more motivation.
I also purchased a running “costume” for the half marathon (and possibly the Tower of Terror race, unless I find a great Halloween-themed running skirt). In deference to my 4 year old son who plans to marry Ariel, I’m wearing a pseudo-Ariel outfit. Shiny green running skirt with green Zensah calf sleeves. Purple sports bra to mimic sea-shells with a white mesh running shirt on top (thank you to my 6 year old daughter for figuring out the top half of my outfit in a way that didn’t require my 40 year old midriff to hang out!). I’m exciting to have fun, (For the marathon I may go with more traditional running clothing because it’s the race I care most about and I want to be comfortable. Or I’ll see what strikes my fancy as the date approaches.)
The not-so-good news:
My pacing. It’s not-so-good. For my recent Magic Mile my 1st lap was 2:08. Then 2:20. The 2:30. And finally 2:24. So much for negative splits. My last long runs was 9 miles. I should be at 14+ min/mile. My first mile was 13:22. I tried to slow down. 2nd mile 13:30. I finished pretty strong with only mild soreness. But I was complete toast for the rest of the day. Cranky. Exhausted. No energy. The endorphins only last a short while and then I crash. This is not what Jeff Galloway wants to happen. And it’s definitely not what my family wants. Especially nice I’m not even up to the double digit mileage yet.
After sending my training report to Mr. Galloway, he wants me to SLOW DOWN my long runs. And so he’s lowering my run/walk ratio. Which is super frustrating to me. My competitive side thinks going fast is good. But my rational side knows that I’m going to get injured. Or my family will forbid me from running more marathons if every long run wipes me out. It is so counter-intuitive for me to run even less and walk more. It kills me. But I keep telling myself that I paid this man $$$ to train me. And I don’t like feeling wiped out all day. My family deserves a functional me on the weekends. And I really don’t want an injury. So walk more and slow down it is.
A wise man explained that marathon training has 2 parts: endurance and speed. The purpose of e long run is to gain endurance. The ability to have forward momentum after 26.2 miles. Endurance doesn’t require speed. In fact the long SLOW training run forces the trainee to run longer (not farther distance but for a longer time) than the actual event. Speed comes for short distance “sprints” and strength. Half mile repeats. Cadence drills to increase foot turnover. Hill repeats to create strong legs. Acceleration-gliders to allow forward movement without energy input. That’s the purpose of mid-week short runs.
So far, I’m a believer.