I want to start with an aside. Today was the Disneyland Half Marathon out in Anaheim, CA. Several of my runDisney friends finished today and many of them earned the bonus Coast-to-Coast medal. Congrats to all the finishers!!! If you finish at least a Half Marathon in both Florida and California, you earn an additional medal. Sadly for me the Disneyland Half Marathon takes place over Labor Day weekend. Since my kids start school the day after Labor Day, it’s hard to drag them across time zones and expect them to be ready to start school while jet-lagged. Perhaps some day…
We did just return from our family vacation to Disney World. We had a wonderful trip which included 3 runs and one walk. I stayed true to my training schedule despite vacation. It did mean setting my alarm for 6am several mornings (maybe that’s why I’m exhausted today?). And wow! That Florida humidity is no joke!!! But what a difference from last year. I’ve figured out how to maintain my training on vacation which is a huge victory for me.
So what went wrong? This weekend was supposed to be my first weekend of true Goofy training. A 2 mile walk on Saturday followed by a 12.5 mile run on Sunday. Except that I somehow managed to get injured.
Jeff Galloway believes that using his plan can minimize the risk of injury. Of course that only applies to running injuries. One downside to a Disney vacation is that there’s an awful lot of walking. And in our case, a lot of pushing around children in strollers. Somehow this led to a mild ankle sprain. And I’m not sure how.
Thursday was a 2.75 mile tempo run. There were no hills for hill repeats so I chose speed. Everything felt good. Friday morning we headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And at some point my ankle started hurting. It’s weird because that’s the day we left the double stroller at home. I don’t know if I twisted it or if it was just an overuse injury but ouch! I tried icing it Friday night and stupidly walked my 2 miles on Saturday morning. Luckily Saturday was a scheduled pool day/travel day so I was able to ice and elevate it. That definitely helped.
My husband talked me out of my long run today. I know I lose the training benefit of the walk on the day before the long run but I have many more back to back walk/runs planned. I’m also willing to miss the mid-week short runs if it bothers me after tomorrow’s long run.
I’m very frustrated because my training’s been so good until now. I know life was going to eventually get in the way but I wasn’t ready for this. Hopefully I’ll be out running again soon!