I started e-coaching in mid-June. I can truly say that my stretch of training from June to now has been almost Magical. In a Disney-fied “pauper to princess” kind of way. I didn’t miss a single training run. I felt strong. I got faster. I was excited and motivated. I set new aspirations for potential time goals. Glorious.
Until this week. My husband swears that a week at Disney saps our energy. It’s a vacation but one that involves miles of walking while pushing heavy strollers in 90F heat. Not to mention Florida humidity. The hotel beds are never quite right. Bedtime is always tricky on vacation (although better is trip). Traveling with 3 young children is somewhat stressful and certainly exhausting. (But fun. Very, very fun.) My husband thinks that I just need to recover from vacation, returning to work, and the first week of school and all will be well. I hope he’s right!
I still haven’t missed a run. Although yesterday’s run was more walk than run. Partly because I’m on call for work and received multiple work calls during my run. It’s easier to talk and walk! And partly because I had nothing in me yesterday. I don’t mean food, although I did run before dinner. My legs were sore. I had no energy. And I had no motivation. The energy and motivation usually improve once I get going. But not yesterday. The more I tried, the more my legs felt sore and tired. Maybe I expected too much after my 1st day back to work. I had just spent from 7:30am until 5:30pm on my feet in the operating room. Even Monday’s 12.5 mile run felt blah. My pace was fine but I never got that great feeling. The whole thing felt like work.
I’m set for another short run tomorrow. No tempo run. No hills. Just an easy 30 minutes or so. This weekend is a 3 mile run, supposedly with a Magic Mile (timed speed mile). I may skip the Magic Mile if my Mojo hasn’t returned. I don’t want to feel discouraged if it doesn’t go well.
In the meantime I’m a little worried. The big mileage runs are coming up soon. And I have 2 races soon. I leave for the Tower of Terror 10 miler in 3 weeks. One week later is my next half marathon. I was even thinking about trying for a PR. Or maybe not.
In the meantime if you find my Mojo wandering around, please return it!