Now that I’m done with my fall racing schedule, it’s time to start focusing on the Main Event – The Goofy Challenge. I have a fabulous countdown app on my iPhone which tells me I fly to Florida in 90 days. So about 3 months left to train for 39.3 miles. The post-race is gone and I’m left with only mild residual soreness and the let-down which comes after racing. It’s time to get seriously as I ramp up my mileage in the next few weeks!
This week I took it easy. Tuesday was a very slow and easy run 20 sec/walk 40sec. My quads were still quite sore and it was more about doing something than real training. Today was 2.89 miles at 11:25 pace. It felt pretty good but I had some mild right hip pain. I’m not worried about it but I may need to slow down until it’s better. This weekend is only 4 miles with a Magic Mile. If I’m not 100% I’ll skip the Magic Mile and just run an easy 4 miles.
Next weekend is my issue. Thursday I’m flying down to New Orleans for the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference. I’ll be at the Convention Center all weekend and staying in a nearby hotel. Not only am I worried about travel messing with my running, I’m worried about being able to run. I’ve heard that the area around the Convention Center is not terribly nice and outdoor running may be dangerous. Making matters worse, my assigned mileage includes a 7 mile walk on Saturday and an 18 mile run on Sunday. For safety reasons I think I’ll have to run all 25 miles on a treadmill. Yikes!
My plan, for now, is to get up early both days and try to get as many miles in as possible. Maybe after daybreak it’ll be safe to do a few miles outdoors. I guess I’ll have to ask at the hotel. Otherwise I’m thinking of hourly bathroom breaks or changing treadmills each hour. I’ve done 14 miles on a dreadmill before but this will be almost an extra hour of boredom. Any good strategies for keeping it real?
If the fitness center isn’t open 24/7, I may have to cut my miles down. I’m in New Orleans to attend the conference so I can’t spend all day running. I’m hoping for early bedtime as much as possible!
For me I big part of training consistency is learning to schedule my runs around my life since my life makes it hard to schedule anything. Hopefully my weekend plan will work and I’ll get my runs done!