On the Eve of Hurricane Sandy I’ve decided to distract myself with yet another angst-ridden post about my training. He past 2 weeks have been my worst since I began e-coaching in June. I’ve skipped 3 runs in 2 weeks. That 3 out of 7, or close to 50%. Not good! I can explain the deficiency. The first week I did my training run on Tuesday. Wednesday ended up being crazy – left for work early and got home late. On Thursday I was up by 5:15am to finish last-minute preparations before heading to work at 6:30am. I had a fantasy of a quick run before heading to the airport that night but was derailed by a NICU baby who needed to be seen prior to my departure. My flight landed in New Orleans around midnight. I took Friday off because I had 7 miles Saturday and 18 miles on Sunday. Which I did.
Apparently I took the 18 miles too fast because my legs were trashed for much of the week. The week would have been tough anyway. 3:45am wake-up on Monday to catch a 6:10am flight home so I could make it to 1pm office hours. Tuesday and Wednesday were OR days and Wednesday night was the first of 2 black-tie hospital events for the week, I was so confused this week that I actually showed up in the OR on Friday only to learn that I had no cases scheduled! Oops!
Today I was able to do my 5 mile run. I started at 12 min/mile pace and developed severe right shin pain after mile one. I increased my walking interval, shortened my run, and slowed down. The pain improved and I was able to finish without pain. I can feel the potential for pain now but it doesn’t actually hurt. Just what I don’t need. A week off of running followed by an injury!
I also had this epiphany. The Goofy is a lot! A Full Marathon alone is a lot! Why do I need to do this? I’m wondering why I don’t stick to the half marathon, train hard, get faster, and enjoy? 18 miles was hard. And I felt trashed afterwards. All day. And my legs were sore for several days. Thank goodness I was at a conference because I would have been useless to my family. In 2 weeks I’m supposed to go further than that. 26.2 miles is really, really far. And maybe it’s a commitment that I can’t keep giving.
Obviously I’ve signed up for the Goofy and I’m running it the best I can. And I’ll continue to give my all in training. But why do I always need to do the hardest thing? Maybe I need to learn to be happy with half marathons and not do this again for a while? There is no doubt that a full 26.2 is a much different beast than 13.1. And now I’m doing 13.1 the day before the “real” race? Why do people do this? Why am I doing is?
Anyone who knows me well realizes that I’ve made a lifetime habit out of the road less travelled. What sane person moves 200 miles away from her husband with a 16 month old child and another on the way just so she can have the privilege of working 80 hours per week? Oh wait. I did that. So I know that “needing” to run the Goofy was an inevitable ending to me running at Disney. It’s the Big Kahuna at runDisney so that competitive part of me needs to prove that I can do it. But will I need to keep doing it or is this a one and done deal? I guess only time will tell.
Part of me loves the challenge of seeing how far I can go, another part of me thinks it would be far smarter to spend a few years running half marathons and working on speed (there’s an interesting phone conversation here that will wait for another post). I think I’m capable of running a 10 min/mile half. Not yet. Not soon. But with practice and training I think it’s possible. Is that a better goal than an annual Goofy? Let me know!