648.9 miles. That’s how far I ran in 2013. Very modest by many marathon standards and yet the furthest I’ve ever run in a year. So I set an annual PR.
My running accomplishments for 2012? 1st full marathon. Not a total success and yet I finished with more than an hour left on the clock. I set a half marathon PR at 2:29:16. I did ecoaching with Jeff Galloway which improved my running overall. Basically a good year for running.
In 2012 I finished 1 full marathon, 2 half marathons, 1 virtual half marathon, 1 ten miler, one 10k, and one 5k. I ran on vacation multiple times. Survived 10 days of no power due to Hurricane Sandy. And vowed to finished 39.3 miles in less than 2 weeks despite the recent loss of my biggest supporter, my mother.
2012 was a year of ups – I think I greatly improved my running – and downs. And gives me a good take-off point for 2013.
Next year I want to run further – 800 miles? – and faster – a sub 2:20 half? – than last year. I want to focus on improving my half marathon time rather than going further and further. I’m running the Goofy in less than 2 weeks. Then the Royal Family 5k and Princess Half in February. I’m planning to run the More Magazine Women’s Half in April. Maybe the Mini 10k again in June. Thinking about the Westchester Running Festival in October. Trying to convince Tom to join me for the Wine and Dine Half in November with the 5k. That gives me two 5ks, one 10k, 4 halfs, and one full for 2013. Not bad.
For 2013 I’d like to add a cross-training day. Either biking, elliptical, or swimming. And maybe add an extra running day per week. More realistically, try to exercise 15 times per month instead of 12. I’ll consider Insanity! Or P90X as opposed to the gym.
Perhaps most importantly I want to enjoy running and keep it fun. I’m still not sure if next January will be a Half or another Full. Probably not the Goofy next time but maybe again in 2014 for he anniversary. I’ll see how the next few weeks/months go before settling.