Anyone who read last year’s marathon report knows that it’ll take me a good long while to finish my update of Goofy Weekend. To be honest, the pictures aren’t even uploaded yet! But I have some thoughts about the days leading up to my race weekend, as well as some global thoughts about the Goofy Weekend.
I was scheduled to leave NY late on Thursday night after week. Monday was my first day back to work after my mom’s funeral and the whole week was exhausting and emotional, Tuesday night I was awake all night with shaking chills and flu symptoms, Wednesday morning I felt so sick that I had to sit down during my morning shower. A little Motrin helped to shake some of the flu-like symptoms but I felt pretty terrible. Perhaps fortuitously, many patients are also sick right now and I finished my operating room day early (we don’t do elective surgery on patients with the flu!). I was ale to take a bit of a nap that afternoon and picked up some antibiotics for the sinus infection that I knew was coming.
By Thursday the generalized flu feeling was better but had been replaced with a rip-roaring sinus infection. I started some antibiotics, bought some sudafed, and powered my way through office hours. I was feeling exhausted and run down by the time I reached White Plains Airport for my flight. I grabbed some snacks (there are no restaurants after security in this tiny airport so limited choices) and found a seat. It honestly seemed that half the passengers had hacking coughs! The flight down was fairly uneventful – except that the cute, gay flight attendant gave me a free glass of wine – and I was soon at Orlando Airport.
Due to the inefficiencies associated with “free” transportation, I didn’t arrive at the Polynesian Resort until almost midnight. My fabulous roommate was waiting for me in the lobby while I got my key. I must say that the Polynesian truly is a magical place to stay for any Disney trip but particularly for marathon weekend where the convenience of the monorail makes the weekend easier. We had a great room location and I was soon unpacked and ready.
We stayed up too late talking and the morning came too early. The sinuses were still bad on Friday. We braved the crowds and headed to the Race Expo that morning. Once nice thing about the Goofy is that there are “only” 10,000 runners so the lines are shorter at the Expo. (The full had 25,000 total runners – 10,000 Goofy + 15,000 Full and the half had 27,000 total runners – 10,000 Goofy + 17,000 Half).
I had brought proof of time from my Fall half marathon in an effort to move up a corral or 2. I felt that corral D was more suited to my projected times than F. Much to my surprise I was moved into Corral C.
The 2nd building at the race Expo was for merchandise and race shirt pick-up. I must say I LOVE the long-sleeved tech shirts that I get from runDisney! And doing Goofy = 3 tech shirts!!! The race merchandise from runDisney was quite disappointing. I did buy a running jacket but was very sad to not see any cute tops like I have from the past 2 years. The Expo was SO packed that we left sooner than we would have. I did buy a pair of yurbuds – running earphones – but really nothing else,
We had early dinner (late lunch?) reservations in Epcot with running friends both old and new. It was really fun and I walked over to the Beach Club afterwards for a Mickey Miles Podcast meet and then a Team Studios Central meet. Everyone was super nice! I truly felt that I knew these people for years, even though I was only meeting some of them for the 1st time. I even had a surprise visit or two from friends! One of the very best part about running at Disney is the awesome friends I’ve made. Some I still haven’t met in person and some are now like old friends. It’s such a supportive and friendly community!
After the big meets I headed back to the Polynesian for an early bedtime. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling great and tossed and turned all night until the 2:30am alarm (or right before the alarm – I turned the alarm off before it went off). Time for Race Day #1!!!