So 15k are done.  I’m not feeling particularly well.  It’s fairly hot and humid.  And I’m starting to wonder how the heck I’m going to survive 26.2 miles in 24 hours.  Instead I tried to focus on just getting through the half marathon and then taking the full marathon in its own time.

The big pirate ship that we saw early in the race was very popular on the way back!

There’s something special about mile 10 in a half marathon.  It’s sort of the point where you know you can probably finish.  Only 5k left! In this race it was also the point where I realized that I could probably pick up the pace and finish sub-3 hours.  I then realized that I had a full 26.2 miles on my schedule for the next day.  My half marathon PR is sub-2:30 so a barely sub-3 hour half is still a personal worst for me.  I quickly decided NOT to push the pace and safe myself for the big one on Sunday.  I still think I made the right decision!

Between mile 10 and mile 11 is one of my favorites moments in the race.  There’s a big cloverleaf uphill onto the overpass that includes mile 11.  It’s the biggest hill in the half marathon.  And on the hill is a green army man – straight out of Toy Story.  And he has a megaphone and he’s yelling at us to keep moving.  On a personal note I last encountered this particular hill 2 years ago during my first race.  This time I didn’t think the hill was nearly as hard as I had remembered.  I guess I’m getting better!

Almost there!!! Mile 12 is always deceptive because it’s not 1 more mile.  It’s 1.1 miles.  And, trust me, after 13 miles that last 0.1 matters!!!

Getting back to Epcot!


Time to enter the finishing chute!

Now I’m really almost there!


And the Donald Medal is mine!!!  Time was 3:03;49.