Once again, the stretch of course after mile 5 is really very special.  As you run through the backstage area, you can catch a glimpse of the Castle looming in the distance.  Then you enter the Magic Kingdom and turn right to run down Main Street.

Another right turn at the end of Main Street and a trek through Tomorrowland.

A blurry picture of Alice and the Mad Hatter in front of the Tea Cups before heading into Fantasyland.

And the most Magical part of the race…. Running through Cinderella Castle!

Disney Royalty!

Mile 6!

Nobody was laying across the tracks today.

And backstage once again. Running to the Grand Floridian was very similar to the day before.  Crowded and narrow with not much distraction.

Mary Poppins!

And then we entered the Richard Petty Race Track!

I wasn’t sure about this part of the course since it was new.  But it was pretty cool.  There were a bunch of people with cool cars hanging out and watching us race.  They seemed to think we were a weird breed (but I’m not sure they weren’t equally but differently weird!).  The cars were really interesting and I’m not much of a car person.  They had some upbeat music playing and I found this part of the course to be entertaining and fun! I took lots of pictures…

(True confession: I’m a hippie at heart. With all the cool sports cars on display, this is the vehicle I most wanted!!!)

And finally we reached the next big milestone:


2:15:56 or 13:36 min/mile.