At this point in the race begins the long, boring and often stinky stretch of road that leads to the Animal Kingdom.  This year was a new course which put this stretch of the road earlier in the race.  I much preferred this aspect of the new course.  It’s a long stretch of asphalt which heats up in the sun.  And when you’re already feeling the long miles, the spectator-free and entertainment-lacking portion of course isn’t helpful in keeping you motivated.  The course takes you past a water treatment center which smells like a dump.  Not an exciting part of the course!  This is definitely a point in the race where having an iPod is helpful because there’s not a lot going on.  I must have been really focused on my iPod and my intervals because I totally missed mile marker 11.  When my Garmin read about 11.33, I realized my mistake! Oh well.  So I was able to photograph 25 out of 26 mile markers!!!

I did get a picture of these folks:

2 hicks in a motorhome making funny comments as we ran by.  They were there last year, too.

That’s not a giant tortoise.  It’s a treasure chest full of Captain Hook’s gold doubloons.

The 20k mark was as we entered into Animal Kingdom.  There were animal handlers with animals along the way.  I didn’t get any decent pictures but it  was cool!

Mount Everest looming in the background.

Forgive the sun glare but here’s mile 13.  Dawn had definitely arrived by now! Last year I was already quite overheated at this point in the race but this year I was feeling pretty good.

Apparently Mickey is taking some friends on Safari!

This made me laugh out loud!

One of the Gravediggers from the Haunted Mansion was ready for us!

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Walt Disney

Another 5 miles down! More than halfway done….

13.1 mile split? 2:57:23.  13:32 min/mile