Sunday morning at some unGodly hour I will be starting my very first Princess Half Marathon.  I must say that after a few weeks of bitter cold and snow, I’m looking forward to a lovely long weekend in the Florida sunshine.  I’m also really looking forward to racing a more sensible distance than the Goofy.  For reasons that I may never understand – lots of extra miles, resuming speed work, ??? – I’m running about as well as I ever have.  My most recent “long” run was at 10:23 min/mile pace.  Which is very fast for me.  And my 12 mile run was at 12:50 pace and felt great.

Disney races are known for being fun and social events.  Friends run with friends at whatever pace is comfortable.  Many people stop for photo opportunities.  Lots and lots of first timers on the course.  And since Disney knows how to do spectacle, there is PLENTY to enjoy along the course.  Many would say that a Disney race is more about the journey than the destination.

Which leads me to my current “crisis.”  I probably can PR the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday.  I’ve been running strong for the last few weeks.  My training feels great.  And even after my most recent 12 mile run I had plenty left in the tank.  I’ve run some pretty fast speed work, including half mile repeats at around 10 min/mile pace.  Although I haven’t run a Galloway Magic Mile in a long time, I think I could probably finish this race around 11 min/mile (if I really push) or, at least, something faster than my 11:25 min/mile half marathon PR.  But the question becomes….Should I?

I’ve been assigned to Corral B.  Which is where I belong based on pace.  But many of my friends are starting in Corral C and planning to take it easy and enjoy the race.  Do I go for a PR and try to race this race? Or do I drop back to Corral C and join my friends in a slower pace? If I try to run a “fast” race (in quotes because my fast is many people’s slow), I’m a missing the point of running the Princess? Or is it a good idea to take advantage of the “leftover” training from the Goofy and go for my best?

I’m pretty sure I’ve decided to try for a good finish time rather than drop by and run with my friends.  But I must say I still feel conflicted about it….