Registration opened this week for the 2013 NYC Marathon. There are basically 4 ways to get to run this famous event. !. You can qualify with a fast time. 2. You can run 9 New York Road Runner events and volunteer at 1 NYRR event in the year preceding the race you intend to run. This “automatically” qualifies you to run. 3. You can enter the lottery and be one of the lucky names chosen. 4. You can run for a charity and meet their minimum fund-raising requirements.
Since I started running 3+ years ago, the NYC Marathon was a vague goal of mine. I entered the lottery last year and wasn’t picked (just as well since the race was canceled). While I do run a few NYRR events every year, it would be a hardship on my husband and children to commit to 10 weekend days in NYC for running events. Especially when you consider that I’m “on call” every 3rd weekend and my husband is “on call” every 4th weekend. I’m not likely to run fast enough to qualify for another few decades. Which leaves the charity route. The idea of fundraising for charity has always scared me. Most of the charities require a $2500-$3500 minimum. I’ve always hated the idea of asking people for money and while I want to run NYC, it isn’t worth paying $2500 out of pocket to do so. And yet, I’m about 98% sure I’m going to be running the NYC Marathon in 2013 as a charity runner.
I haven’t worked out the details yet. The complete list of eligible charities has not been released so it’s hard to know which organization I will choose. Which means I haven’t officially registered for the race yet. I figure if I’m going to ask everyone I know to contribute to a cause so I can run a race, it had better be a cause that I strongly endorse. I’m hoping the official list is released soon because I want to secure my spot in the race and I want to begin the process of fundraising ASAP.
And so now my upcoming race schedule looks like this: June 8th NYRR Mini 10k, October 6th Diva Half Marathon (Long Island), November 3rd NYC Marathon, January 10th Disney 10k, January 12th Disney Full Marathon.
You may notice that there are now TWO full marathons on my calendar and they are about 2 months apart. How on Earth am I going to train for and finish these races while staying healthy? Time to call my favorite running coach for a training plan!
One of the things I loved most about e-coaching with Jeff Galloway when I was training for the Goofy is having a concrete plan for each and every run. And I loved the weekly interaction with Jeff. As strange as it sounds, I looked forward to getting my weekly email response from him. I registered for e-coaching on Friday morning and by Friday afternoon I had my training plan. Every Monday I will email Jeff with a Weekend Update (I’ve been reading Tina Fey’s book so I’m using an intentional SNL reference). He will comment and make suggestions. Tuesdays are speed work and Thursdays are hills. I will do half mile repeats on Tuesdays and one mile repeats sometimes on Saturdays as I work to get faster. He did warn me that course crowding is a problem at both the NYC Marathon and at Disney so I need to temper my finish goals with that knowledge. And obviously race day weather can change a time goal pretty quickly.
So what’s the net result of this? Somehow this weekend’s long run has increased from my intended 9 miles up to 12 miles. I guess tomorrow will be starting pretty darn early! I have some concerns about training for a time goal since it’s much more time consuming than just training to finish but I’m also excited with the possible time goal he has for me (it will be fluid as we see how my training goes). My husband has been incredibly supportive of this plan and I honestly can’t wait to start!